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Silver Service Taxi Melbourne Review problem: How to resolve

Silver Service Taxi Melbourne Review Problem:

Silver Service Taxi Melbourne is the most affordable, immaculate, luxury, prestige and secure taxi service in Melbourne that has a website registered with the exact name “silverservicetaximelbourne.com.au back in 2014. There are hundreds of other silver service companies over the internet but this is the top ranked company in Melbourne with high level services and permanent customer relationship with the passengers.

Over the years, The ranking competition becomes very high between the taxi companies websites in order to get 1st page position in Google so that they can get organic traffic from the search engine that brings lot of business opportunities to their taxi company. So everyone trying to get the top ranking at google.

The passengers use their mobile or pc to call silver service taxi Melbourne to and from Melbourne Airport, in order to travel suburb to Airport or suburb to suburb. As the technology has been modified and now people trying to do almost every thing from mobile, so calling a taxi to their doorstep is now a habit and daily routine.

Most of the time people just type “silver service taxi Melbourne” as it is a complete phrase to get search list on Google and since every taxi company now a days doing SEO (search engine optimization) to get the site at the top rank in google search list, So every one use the main keyword silver service taxi Melbourne as the primary keyword to get the most out of the search results. That means if there are top 10 positions on the first page of Google excluding the paid Advertisement, Each of those 10 companies website using the main keyword silver service taxi Melbourne and optimizing the website according to the Google’s guideline.

Now the problem is, when a user type this keyword in Google search bar, S/he gets top 10 silver service taxi Melbourne links and their call options so the user just tap to call the taxi. Now if someone has any thing to say about the driver, or his behavior or about the taxi, they leave their feedback over the internet using facebook, twitter, google+ etc.

long wheel silver service taxi melbourneIts being noticed since a long time that the people suppose every website over the internet that uses the keyword “silver service taxi Melbourne” in its title and description, is one company with the name silver service taxi while its not a single company but a network of different companies using the same keyword so if someone wants to leave positive or negative feedback for the taxi company, they just go and search the site through google and then leave their comments without confirming that weather or not it is the same company page or website that they wanted to leave feedback for?

So most of the time people write their feedback on the wrong websites that is different from one they wanted to write for. This is a very serious problem to those who manage their website to get taxi booking and calls through their website so when someone leave the negative feedback without knowing it is the same website or not, the reputation effected without doing anything wrong.

People just see the title but suppose that it is the website name of a particular company while it is not the case because each company has different names but when they come to do seo for the website, the seo provider uses the same keyword silver service taxi Melbourne or similar keyword silver service cab Melbourne, silver taxi Melbourne Airport or Platinum Taxi Melbourne,  to get rank the website at the top of Google for these keyword but each website is actually different from the others.

Silver Service Taxi Melbourne Review Problem Solution !

People should confirm before posting their reviews on facebook, twitter, youtube, Google plus or any other social media site, weather or not it is the website they trying to leave feedback for? Their mistake may create problems for the taxi companies because bad or negative reviews are the most common reasons to decrease ranking in google search index.

The best way to avoid such a mistake, confirm the telephone or mobile number first by visiting the website of that company and then after confirming, they can leave their feedback for the exact company.

The best Silver Service Taxi Melbourne in Top 10 positions on Google is silverservicetaximelbourne.com.au – Call 0470 678 904 

silver-service-taxi-melbourne-25-advantages-to-hire Watch Video Silver Service Taxi Melbourne Intro

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